Whatever your imbalance is, the goal of the individual therapy is GROWTH, EMPOWERMENT, and increasing your EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE (EQ). Whether it is anxiety, depression, addiction, heartache, low sense of self, etc. - we will work as a team to get very clear on what is happening inside of you, get specific on your goals and desires, and then develop a specific regimen designed just for what you need. The Overall Goal: Creating your own Emotional Regimen™ designed around the concept of Proactive and Reactive Self-Care.



The Emotional Regimen is an empowering growth process based on the integration of traditional and holistic ideas and methods, with the goal to create a proactive and reactive go-to regime customized for each individual - one that looks at the whole person in an assertive, compassionate, logical way and has the intention to increase emotional intelligence

getting grounded

Incorporated throughout this process is the idea of GETTING GROUNDED as a whole person. Grounding is to your emotional structure what stretching is for your physical structure. It is needed daily, to ensure that the mind and emotions are being acknowledged, maintained, and sustained in the most healthy, effective way.

This can be done through various body modalities, including yogic pranayama breathing exercises, Qi Qong, and T'ai Chi. This is also done through various mental and emotional exercises, with the focus on getting very specific with one's needs, wants, resources, and abilities - to truly know and feel "grounded" in one's self in all aspects of life. Through these body-mind exercises, individuals learn basic and deeper ideas of feeling GROUNDED: from communication skills to practicing how to be in - and savor - each moment.



As my children grow, so do I as a mother and a therapist. I am clear on one thing: it is never too early to start building a strong foundation of self-confidence within your child. I specialize in helping kids of all ages to learn a sense of self-care and self-trust, so they can increase their street smarts and emotional intelligence



WHAT IS reactive and proactive self-care?

It is simple: REACTIVE self-care is taking care of yourself when you are triggered in any given moment. Being able to make the You-Turn and use your tools to self-regulate.

PROACTIVE self-care is taking care of yourself in a proactive way. This is one of the key benefits of an Emotional Regimen™ - you take care of your emotions every day, even when you feel awesome. Do you stop exercising just because you feel healthy? Take care of your emotions just as you would your body! 


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