EQ is extremely important. Dare we say that it is more important than IQ?  When we have a high EQ we have the ability to slow down, step back and assess what's happening when we feel a WAVE OF YUCK passing through. We self-regulate. We RESPOND versus REACT in a tough moment and, overall, practice emotional awareness, and then emotional self-care...which enables us to practice social awareness.
There are five (5) components of Emotional intelligence (EQ):
Social Skills
You can read an in-depth description of these components here: What is Emotional Intelligence (EQ)? by Michael Akers & Grover Porter.

Articles and Blogs:

Why We Need to Teach Kids Emotional Intelligence By Lisa Firestone Ph.D.

5 Steps To Nurture Emotional Intelligence in Your Child By Aha Parenting

How to Raise an Emotionally Intelligent Child By Aha Parenting

WIKIPEDIA overview of Emotional Intelligence

eq + IQ = Resiliency. Stress Care. Confidence

Research has shown that emotional intelligence or EQ “predicts over 54% of the variation in success (relationships, effectiveness, health, quality of life)". Resource & Read More

Additional data concludes that “young people with high EQ earn higher grades, stay in school, and make healthier choices.” Resource & Read More

eq it up!

Aimee of the The Growth Vigilante has created EQ it UP! with the mission to raise awareness, and implement learning opportunities, for Emotional Intelligence. They recently completed their first ever EQ it UP! Uplifting After School Workshop™ and will have it's first ever Uplifting Summer Camp for Young Girls, in partnership with the Girl Uplifters Team™, this August!

Excellent EQ Resources:

John Gottman, PhD is renowned in the therapy field for his work with Emotional Intelligence for couples, parents, and children. Check out his website: www.gottman.com, specifically these two items for parents:

Emotion Coaching: DVD, Manual, Online Streaming
"Be there for your child when it really counts using parenting tools developed from Dr. Gottman’s research on emotional intelligence."

AWESOME BOOK: Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child
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"Dr. Gottman draws on his studies of more than 120 families to zero in on the parenting techniques that ensure a child’s emotional health. He then translates his methods into an easy, five-step “emotion coaching” process to help parents..."

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