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I have been in practice since 2002 using an integrative approach of traditional and holistic tools and methods. I specialize in relationships, trauma, and grief. My goal with every person I encounter is to support them with increasing their Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

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corporate self-care

After spending years in the corporate environment I felt motivated from the start of my therapy career to dedicate a portion of my practice to Self-Care in the Corporate Culture. This supports personal accountability as well as building up the community within your organization.

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EQ it UP! (A Kids Program)

EQ it UP™ is a curriculum created for children that allows them to increase their Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and their self, social, and emotional awareness. At this time, we are currently developing ways to bring this program virtually.
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advice podcast

This is my version of an "advice column". Since I was a little girl, I have always wanted to have my own column in the newspaper, like Ann Landers. I had a passion to listen and help people. This passion has linked up with my purpose. And now I'm finally living out my childhood dream with an advice podcast.

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My Message

Every therapist finds their own focus in the profession. Usually, it aligns with how they live their own lives. For me - it is twofold: Accountability and Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and I'm kind of a vigilante when it comes to both. The two continuously influence one another: when we are accountable, it increases our EQ. And when we increase our EQ, we are more accountable.

"Whatever is unresolved, gets projected."

A person can find resolution through accountability. When a person is accountable for their issues, emotions, actions, behaviors, and self-care - it can lead to success in all parts of life. When we are accountable - it gives our daily actions a deeper sense of purpose - it enables us to be more aware of our self and others - more resilient and humble, especially when change is needed. Accountability helps us to grow and opens us up for vulnerability and closeness - two things that create fulfillment in life.


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