What is the VIP Healing Program?

It is a therapeutic experience designed for the individual who is ready for a change. It is a program customized just for you that will support with clearing whatever is blocking you from feeling emotionally and mentally free, and fulfilled in life. Using an integration of traditional and holistic methods, it is guaranteed to support you with making a permanent shift, specifically when it comes to your emotional self-care.

The overall Goals

To CLEAR the "weeds" in your garden and help you THRIVE. You will first do an initial clearing of your challenges (aka "weeds") that hold you back, which will support you with making permanent shifts. We do all of this by creating a customized self-care regimen that is doable, effective, and empowering.

part 1: One-on-One Personal Workshop

First, you will meet with me to assess your needs and wants. Then, I will create a personal workshop customized just for you that will include an integration of physical, emotional, mental tools and methods, with the overall intention of clearing out any blockages. This workshop is meant to be an intensive ranging from 3-5 hours. Based on what's needed, you may need to begin with two intensives before moving on to the next part. The intention of this part is to identify your "weeds" (aka unresolved and unhealthy items), clear them from your garden with intensity and determination, and replace them with "flowers/plants" (aka powerful and positive items; your truths).

part 2: The 30-Day Emotional Wellness Programs™

After you've completed your One-on-One Personalized Workshop™ (PW), you will do the 30-Day Reinforcement Program™. This part is done on your own. It is customized and will empower you to reinforce and work further towards permanent shift and completion of your healing process. After you've completed the 30-Day Reinforcement Program™, we will reassess what's needed. If you are ready, we will move forward with the 30-Day Emotional Self-Care Program™.

The 30-Day Emotional Self-Care Program™ will help you to gain a permanent self-care regimen. This is a customized program based on your needs. Along with developing your daily self-care regimen, it will also help you ground and center yourself emotionally and release any negative emotions you are carrying.

The 30-Day Emotional Wellness Programs™ vary based on your specific process. For example, some clients may do different customized 30-Day WPs throughout their entire VIP Healing Program™; one program may focus specifically on grieving the end of a relationship, and another program may focus on developing a stress care practice.

The intention at this stage is to maintain your new healthy, empowered, positive garden. You will continue to "weed" when necessary in a conscious way. 

part 3: The RPP (Reinforcement, Process, and Practice)™

In addition to Part 2, immediately after completion of your One-on-One Personal Workshop, we will assess what is needed in terms of follow up care. The general suggestion is weekly hourlong appointments via phone or video for the first three months, then bi-monthly for the second three months. These appointmens will allow us to check in with where you are in your healing, process any challenges that have come up, reinforce what you have accomplished in your PW, and practice some of the tools and methods that are part of your self-care regimen. You will continue to practice how to stay grounded and empowered.

Just as with Part 2: the intention at this stage is to maintain your new healthy, empowered, positive garden. You will also be able to integrate these new "flowers/plants" into your current life. We will look at all aspects: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social, using a holistic approach.


HOW LONG DOES the vip program LAST?

It is designed to last between 7-12 months, based on your needs and wants. Standard Programs include:

7-month VIP Healing Program™ Includes one 3-5 hour One-on-One Personalized Workshop, up to four customized 30-Day Emotional Wellness Programs™, and six months of Reinforcement, Process, and Practice (RPP) via phone/video.

12-month VIP Healing Program™ Includes two 3-5 hour One-on-One Personalized Workshops, up to six customized 30-Day Emotional Wellness Programs™, and 11 months of Reinforcement, Process, and Practice (RPP) via phone/video.


The cost of the entire VIP Healing Program™ is minor for a lifetime of change. Programs are based on all three parts, and will vary based on your customized program. Prices begin at $3600 for the entire package. If you are only completing part of the program, the pricing will be available upon consultation (for example if you choose to do just the workshop and 30-Day Reinforcement Program). 

Payment options include:
• Payment Plan
• 10% discount if paid in full
• Discount provided if you sponsor an additional program for someone else
• Submitting to your insurance as an out-of-network provider. You will pay upfront and insurance claims will be submitted on a monthly basis. Call your insurance and ask what your out-of-network coverage is for mental health.

NOTE: If you feel a strong desire to complete this program, do not let finances turn you away. I have always found a way to work with someone financially when I see the commitment is there.

Why this price?

The price is broken down based on the three parts of the program. The bulk of the cost is the One-on-One Personalized Workshop™. You will do in one day what is usually done over several days, in a large group. This is the most important part of the process, as it is designed to create a powerful shift, and teach you tools for a daily practice.

what is the guarantee?

I guarantee if you complete the entire VIP Healing Program™ you will experience a permanent shift. If you choose not to complete the entire program, it will remain a mystery if that is true. However, during my holistic degree I trained under the philosophy of "Healer, Heal Thyself". Therefore, everything I teach and incorporate I have experienced myself. I know this process works. Because of this, if you do not feel inspired after the One-on-One Personalized Workshop™, you will receive a 50% refund and you will not be required to complete the remainder of the VIP Healing Program™.

Do I have to complete the entire VIP Healing Program™?

You can absolutely break up the three parts. However, as stated above, it is difficult to experience a permanent shift without completing all three parts of the program. However, the three parts may be adjusted based on your needs, wants, and financial capabilities. For example, we may see after the assessment that your specific VIP Healing Program™ will begin with a two-hour One-on-One Permanent Workshop™, a 30-Day Emotional Wellness Program™, and monthly RPP for three months.

Who can benefit from the VIP Healing Program™?

The entire VIP Healing Program™ benefits anyone who has something blocking them, and is ready to really commit to clearing it. It could be childhood trauma, adult trauma, trust issues, low sense of self, mother/father issues, relationship issues, or a specific event (such as a break-up, grief/loss, sexual assault, etc). This program is designed to help you identify specifically what is blocking you, and clear it with assertiveness and compassion.

Basically, everyone could benefit from at least a One-on-One Personalized Workshop™. It allows you to clear out any unwanted or unresolved blockages, big or small.

Where will the work be done?

My office is in San Diego, CA. All but the One-on-One Personalized Workshop can be done remotely. For special circumstances, the PW can be done at a location of your choice. Your privacy and confidentiality is of utmost importance, so I will work with you to make sure that is honored.


I am offering 20% off through the end of the year. No one ever gets turned away, so please reach out if you need further financial support.