Regardless of who is coming in for the conjoint therapy, my intention is to understand the family system as a whole and create healthy communication and relationships.


I will have initial meetings with each member of the family to get clarity on the hopes and goals, including those required by the court order. From there I will develop a Treatment Plan that supports these hopes and goals, with adjustments made based on the needs of the family.


Initial Consult
(1) to (2) sessions per family member.
(2) to (4) sessions with the child/ren.
Conjoint Family Therapy: based on the court order and the needs of the family, however, a minimum of (8) 50-80 minute sessions.



Fees are $150 per therapy hour (50 minutes). Based on the age of the child, sessions range from 50-80 minutes. The final 10 minutes of any session is for administrative items related to your therapy. The same fee applies or any court-related items that need to be prepared.



every parent and child deserves a chance...

Reunification/Conjoint Therapy provides the opportunity to create that chance.

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