emotional prep for performers of all ages

Child Services Permit Holder #CPS-200264443

Having to perform on demand can be tough! Sometimes there's a lot of dialogue, stellar competition, and you have to do it all in front of some big decision makers in the business.Whether it is a big audition, producers session, chemistry read, booking, or a performance - I can support you (or your child) with feeling centered, focused, and composed.

Usually, when a person is preparing for a big performance, they can be overcome with anxiety, worry, and stress. This is called "nervous energy". Using an integration of holistic and traditional counseling methods, I will support you with releasing some of the unecessary nervous energy, and get grounded into calmness, positivity, and confidence.


We will do that in three ways:

  1. Using body-mind tools to help to calm your nervous system 
  2. Role-playing/Practicing how to use these tools before (while waiting), during, and after the event
  3. Setting an intention

All coaching sessions are done via Skype or FaceTime. Same day or short notice appointments may be available. I will have a set of questions for you to answer to prepare me for the session. Let's set you (or your child) up for success!

ages 6+

10 minutes: $20 (for recurring sessions only)
20 minutes: $35
30 minutes: $50

First timers must complete at least a 20 minute session in order to really learn the tools.



That is the working title of the book I am collaborating on. As a mother with young children in the entertainment industry, I have focused time and energy on creating the most positive experience for them - which includes making some mistakes along the way. However, those mistakes led me to creating the very tools used in these Emotional Prep sessions.

Got an Audition?

Sounds like a perfect time to give this service a try! Short notice sessions available.