grief and loss

My passion for Grief and Loss work began in early 2005 while working as an intern at a women's recovery program here in San Diego. There I ran a weekly Grief & Loss group. It was then that I learned that grieving was about much more than death - it was about a loss and/or change of anything that was honorable and/or dear to you:

A person or relationship (death, divorce, break-up, move, etc.), Loss of Time (due to procrastination, addiction, depression, etc.), Loss of Health (illness, loss of body part/use, etc.), Childhood Innocence, Childhood Trauma, Self-respect, Pride, A home, A job, Your past...

stages of grief

Using an integration of the Kubler-Ross 5 Stages of Grief (DABNA) and Holistic methods, I developed a Grief & Loss healing process that is designed to support you with consciously grieving. Briefly, these 5 stages are: 1. Denial, 2. Anger, 3. Bargaining/Blaming, 4. Depression/Sadness, and 5. Acceptance/Resolution. Most of the time when we have lost something - or something has changed - we are unaware of these stages - of what we need, or how to care for those needs. A loss can bring confusion and lack of motivation. It can bring bitterness, resentment, and sadness. It can cause us to want to pretend or forget it ever happened...sometimes all of those feelings at once!


It is common to fluctuate between the different stages. Through the Grief & Loss work that we do together, you will be able to:

- Be conscious of which stage you are in,
- Be conscious of what's happening and what you're feeling
- Experience congruent and practical methods/exercises to work through those feelings,
- Learn what you need specifically to take care of yourself during your grieving process, and
- Get to the final stage of ACCEPTANCE/RESOLUTION.

Through my experience, one of the strongest stages is of BARGAINING/BLAMING. It is a very debilitating and frustrating stage as people tend to try to go into the past and either bargain or blame about how things could have been done differently. This is where most people tend to get stuck. It can feel helpless and overwhelming. It is natural to look to someone to blame, or to play the "What if..." game. Sometimes you blame and punish yourself. It is at this point that methods of "release work" is used.

This is when the integration of holistics and traditional therapies is very powerful: Release work. Release work is using your voice and body to express thoughts and feelings in a safe and dynamic way. There are many different methods - all of which are designed to allow you to experience and process out whatever is needed. This has a mental, emotional, and physical effect on a person. It can also sometimes have a spiritual effect.

When we feel angry, stressed, hurt, scared - any imbalance - we do not just hold it in the mind. We hold it in the heart, stomach, neck, throat, shoulders, etc. Hence, incorporating both mind and body modalities and practices allows you to truly work through your loss in a holistic, profound way. All it take is a minimal desire to heal. And sometimes all it takes is to feel so much discomfort to motivate you to change. 

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