In life, we have growing pains, road blocks, and conflict - which can easily lead to miscommunication and disconnect. Until there is communication and resolution, it is very difficult to move forward and find peace.

During these times, we may need assistance from an objective voice to help us move through them.

Whether it is the new experience of a divorce, blending two families together, communication with your teenager, or launching your child from the home, or a long-term rift - counseling can help. It can ease the transition, open up lines of communication, and provide another view of the situation. Overall, it can provide a sense of resolution, both internally and with others.

The Benefits of a Family Meeting

Have you ever tried to have a family meeting and it feels like you are getting nowhere? Having an objective mediator/facilitator can make family meetings go a lot smoother and enable you to get focused and clear on what's needed. The overall goal is teamwork!


EQ it UP!

EQ it UP!™ is an after-school based workshop to support young boys and girls with self, social, and emotional wellness through increasing their emotional intelligence. We will begin implementing this workshop into schools in the Greater San Diego area up through Los Angeles starting in the 2018-19 school year. Read on.


We at The Growth Vigilante are proud to be affiliated with The Great Uplifters Team Gives™ and The Girl Uplifters Team™. Founded by Aimee Le Zakrewski Clark, and her daughters Maya & Olivia - the goal is to support children with uplifting themselves and others. Read on.


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