What is the EQ it UP! Uplifting School Workshops? Please click here to read in detail.

What is the Facilitator to Student Ratio? The maximum Facilitator to Student ratio is (1) Facilitator to every (25) students.

What is the max allowed in a workshop? 50.

How is this incorporated into a school? Just like with any after school activity! Just like Fit Kids, Showstoppers, etc.

What makes this workshop unique? As far as we know, we are the only after school workshop that focus specifically on Emotional Intelligence, and incorporates body, mind, and heart activities.

Where are the workshops located? Our hope is to get this workshop into as many schools as possible across the United States.


What are the positions? Our two paid positions are Lead Facilitator or a Facilitator Assistant.

What is a Lead Facilitator? This is the person who will be the primary facilitator in each group.

What is a Facilitator Assistant? This person is a Lead Facilitator in training and will be the primary support to the facilitator. S/he will be given key activities to facilitate over the course of the workshop. A Facilitators Assistant MUST have the confidence to step up and Facilitate on their own if that is needed.

What does it mean to Co-Facilitate? This is when we have two Lead Facilitators leading the workshop.

How do you decide how many facilitators a group will have? We would prefer that each group have two (2) Lead Facilitators, or one (1) Lead Facilitator and one (1) Facilitator Assistant. This will be determined based on the experience of the group.

Will we have additional support? Our goal is for each group will have volunteers from the school district’s High School, or other student-related affiliations, to provide support to the lead facilitators.

What if I have to miss a workshop? Consistency is very important for the cohesion of the group, so we really want you to be at every workshop. However, we also want you to be able to have flexibility. If it is unavoidable, then we will work together to make sure you are covered.

Where is the position located? Wherever you are! Those who become certified EQ it UP! Facilitators will be able to implement the workshop in whatever school district they are located!


Where will I facilitate? You will facilitate in the school district(s) closest to you.

Who sets up the workshop at the school? All workshops will be set up through The Growth Vigilante.

When will I begin? Once we clarify the school district(s) that work for you, we will begin establishing the workshops right away. The goal will be to have the first workshops begin in the Fall of 2018.

When do the workshops happen? Similar to any other “after school program”, the workshop begins right after school and goes for one hour.

Who will provide the curriculum and materials? All curriculum and materials are provided by The Growth Vigilante.

What if I have an idea for curriculum? We are absolutely open to suggestions and new ideas for curriculum. However, ALL ideas, changes, etc MUST be approved before it can be implemented.

Can I change the curriculum? We repeat: ALL ideas, changes, etc MUST be approved before it can be implemented.


How often will I work? This will vary based on the school district(s) schedule and how much you’d like to work!

What will I be paid? The rate for a Lead Facilitators is $50/hour. The rate for a Facilitators Assistant is $30/hr.

How many hours will I work? Each group counts as 1.5 hours, so you will gross $75 per group as a Lead, and $45 per group as an Assistant.

How will I be paid? You will be paid as in independent contractor. This means that you will be 1099’d at the end of the calendar year.


When is the EQ it UP! Facilitator Training? We are aiming for Saturday, August 4th in the San Diego area. This will be a free training where you will get to learn the curriculum, gain facilitation tools, and practice facilitating. Logistics to come.

What if I cannot make the EQ it UP! Facilitator Training? We are still working out the details of this. Eventually all EQ it UP! Facilitator Training will be available via videos.

What does it mean to embody the information? This is when you are so familiar with the information that it can authentically come from inside of you. When we come from our authentic self, everyone can feel it.

How will I embody the information? Videos and supporting documents will be provided for all facilitators, so you can learn and practice. This will take time...and lots of practice!

Why is training and experience so important? We are building up a powerful EQ it UP! brand. As a facilitator, you will represent that brand. Therefore, we want you to be able to do that in the most successful way possible!


What if I’ve never facilitated before, or have only facilitated small groups? To us, it’s all about desire, authenticity, and confidence. If you are truly interested in facilitating, and you were a good fit in all other ways, we would support you with getting opportunities to practice. Based on your level of experience, you could either volunteer and shadow a more experienced facilitator, or begin as a Facilitator’s Assistant.

Do I have to have counseling experience? That is a complete bonus. However, the primary focus of the EQ it UP! workshops is EDUCATION. Not process or counseling. We DO NOT expect you to do counseling. In fact, you are not allowed to do counseling or give any type of therapeutic guidance UNLESS you have the credentials to do so.

I am a stay at home parent and have not worked in a while, but have done a lot of the job requirements in the past. Should I apply? YES. As long as you have the desire, authenticity, and confidence – this is a great opportunity for a parent who can easily integrate this into their daily schedule.


What is Emotional Intelligence (EQ)? Please click here to get an overview.

Do I need to have studied EQ in order to facilitate? Yes. However, you can begin that study now using some of the resources listed here.

Why do I have to have a “passion” for EQ to be a facilitator? We at The Growth Vigilante strongly believe that Proactive, Early Intervention for increasing EQ is preemptive to a person’s success and fulfillment in life. Many studies support that theory. Therefore, we need employees that truly relate and embrace how important it is for children to focus on their EQ just as much, or more, than their IQ. We know that when we have individuals who feel that passion, we are one step closer to doing that.


Can I count these workshop hours towards licensure? Yes, however with two prerequisites in mind:
1) The curriculum is primarily meant to educate. It is not a process group. You will receive additional training on a specific approach to the curriculum that will allow you to incorporate process into each group.
2) As long as you are under licensed supervision of a qualified supervisor, you will be able to count the hours towards licensure.

How will I be paid as an associate or intern? You cannot be paid directly from The Growth Vigilante. The hourly fee will be paid to your agency or supervisor and then you will be paid based on the agreement between you.

Can I be supervised directly from Aimee Clark? Aimee is a supervisor for Caldwell-Clark Counseling and The Growth Vigilante both of which are hiring interns at this time.

What are Aimee's credentials? Aimee is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist. Aimee has supervised since 2008.


Can I establish my own workshop location? We welcome all referrals! Anyone who refers a school to us, that leads to a workshop, will receive a bonus!

Can my children come to the group? Absolutely. Free of charge!

Don't see the answer to your question? Please email us today!

BECOME a Facilitator for the Girl Uplifters Team™!

Aimee is the founder of the Girl Uplifters Team (G.U.T).
As part of the G.U.T Mission, she has created G.U.T Events for Young Girls and their Guardians. She would like to spread these events as far and wide as possible and is looking to train skilled individuals to help carry out this dream!


• LOVE working with young girls and their guardians
• Have lots of energy and patience
• Have an interest, knowledge, and passion in Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
• Have experience with LARGE group facilitation (100+)
• Have educational background and experience, and/or have counseling background and experience, with the child/adult relationship
• Be familiar with team-building activities
• Have experience and knowledge with body-mind activities


Aimee is currently seeking up to (3) Marriage & Family Therapist Associates who are looking for supervision in:
Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)
Holistic Therapy
Working with Children


Whether you decide to come on as an EQ it UP! Facilitator, or pursue your licensing hours under her supervision - when you join The Growth Vigilante, you make a commitment to supporting individuals to create a strong sense of self through resilience, self-care, and social and emotional wellness. Overall, you commit to supporting others with increasing their Emotional Intelligence (EQ) so that they can feel fulfilled in all parts of their life.