WHAT is EQ it UP™?

EQ it UP!™ is an initiative to support children and their families with learning how to thrive in their Emotional Intelligence (EQ). EQ it UP! includes a holistic perspective through our PEMS PROGRAM, focusing on the four major Strengths of Wellness: Physical, Emotional, Mental and Social.


EQ it UP!™ educates and increases self-awareness of what is happening within the body when a person is Stuck in the Yuck© and also teaches body-mind tools to help come out of that yuck. We will go over specifically where yuck comes up in the body, helping them be aware of when they need to listen.


EQ it UP!™ educates and increases self-awareness of the emotions as well as how to take care of them. One goal is for each child to get to know the primary emotions (mad, sad, glad, scared), notice when they feel yucky, and learn how to take care of them.


EQ it UP!™ educates and increases self-awareness of how thoughts influence perspective. Tools and methods are practiced to keep those thoughts productive and positive.


EQ it UP!™ educates and increases awareness of others as well as the self in relation to others. We will also focus on the EQ competency of Empathy.

Why EQ it UP! was Created...

I love everything about EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE (EQ). It is truly a passion. I became interested back in my graduate studies where I completed a research paper on an emotional wellness program for schools. As I moved through life and career - I found that everything lead back to the need for emotional awareness and emotional self-care. And that when individuals raised their EQ - they THRIVED. And now I am back onto my vision to plant this EQ seed at an early age...and support in any way I can to make it grow. Read more about EQ!


For Our Students

TEACHERS: Are you looking for a simple emotional wellness curriculum you can implement into the classroom? PARENTS: Would you like to have your child develop their EQ as well as their IQ? This is what EQ it UP! offers: an answer for both. Through it's in-school based teacher manual - and it's after school workshops - students can begin to increase their EQ and self, social, and emotional awareness.

"In one huge longitudinal British study published in 2011, babies were followed through childhood and into adulthood for fifty years. Their success and happiness in life was strongly correlated to their emotional intelligence. Other studies link emotional health to better mental and physical health, more academic and employment success and happier marriages. Resource & Read More

eq + IQ = Resiliency. Stress Care. Confidence

Research has shown that emotional intelligence or EQ “predicts over 54% of the variation in success (relationships, effectiveness, health, quality of life)". Resource & Read More

Additional data concludes that “young people with high EQ earn higher grades, stay in school, and make healthier choices.” Resource & Read More

A Classroom Manual

For Teachers

We are in the process of creating easy to implement daily activities to support your students to EQ it UP! In five minutes or less, teachers can provide a combination brain break-EQ lesson to reinforce self, social and emotional self care. There are different manuals based on the student's stage of develop:


Initial manuals will be ready in the 2019-20 school year.

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An After School Workshop

Developing a Practice

Help your child EQ it UP! in a more profound way by developing a daily practice of self, social, and emotional awareness and self-care in this 8-week-long Uplifting After School Workshop™. It is fun, educational, team-building, and increases self-confidence!

Our trained Facilitators will come to your school and all you have to do is sign up. Parents/Guardians who qualify can also be trained as a facilitator. See samples of the curriculum here!

As of May 29th, we have just completed our first ever program for girls in grades 1st through 5th. We are hoping to have our first boys workshop in the Fall. First phase of the program will implement into the Greater San Diego through Los Angeles areas in the 2018-19 school years. And we hope to expand into other parts of the Unites States by Spring of 2019. Contact Us Today to get a workshop at your school! 

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