Our Menu of EQ it up! ACTIVITIES

We are continuously adding activities to support with uplifting one's self, and others. Each activity lasts about 25-30 minutes, with some *noted exceptions. The EQ it UP! Uplifting After School Workshop has a specific curriculum. However, if you decide to to a standalone workshop or assembly, you can design it on your own off of our "menu". Keep checking back as we are continuously adding more.

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Uplifting through Breathing

Intention: To learn a breath that will support them with relieving stress and worry, and reinforce positive and productive thoughts and feelings.

What we will do: Attendees will learn several different breathing techniques to support with self-care and uplifting one's self. This is practiced daily throughout the class.

Identifying Positives!

Intention: To really focus on the positive's about one's self.

What we will do: In their notebook, they will finish the thoughts initiated by the facilitator. I am kind because...I am uplifting because...I am lovable because...I am beautiful because...something I love about myself is...(etc). Then they will share with the group.

Music, Dance & Self-love

Intention: To feel Uplifted through the body and music!

What we will do:
Using Music, we will reinforce the different components of Emotional Intelligence with the intention of uplifting one's self and others through the body and music!

Mirror Play - Team

Intention: Uplifting and Accepting one Another

What we will do:
Using mirror play with each other, this activity will support young girls with acceptance of others. They will partner up and mirror each other to practice acceptance of each other and their differences.

Mirror Play - Individual

Intention: Uplift One's Physical Self-Image

What we will do:
Using actual mirrors, this activity will support young girls with acceptance of themselves. Each child will use mirrors for them to uplift themselves and eliminate the criticism that can begin at an early age.

The EQ it UP! Talent Show

Intention: Collaborating to create something uplifting to share with the world!

What we will do:
Each group will have time to create something uplifting to be performed in front of the group. It can be a song, poem, play, dance, etc.
*Usually takes about 45 minutes.

Uplifting Love Notes

Intention: To encourage and create uplifting thoughts about one's self and others.

What we will do:
Sitting in a circle, each person will draw a picture of themselves. They will pass it around where their peers will write something positive (word, phrase, thought, compliment). At the end, each person will read some of what was written.

Weeds & Flowers!

Intention: To use the breath to pull "weeds" (aka negative thoughts) and plant "flowers" (aks positive thoughts)

What we will do:
This activity is meant to teach a way to move out the yuck and bring in the yum through their breath and thoughts.

Uplifting Telephone!

Intention: To uplift each other through sharing kind and loving thoughts.

What we will do:
The group will play the fun game of telephone - adding a positive thought, compliment, etc about one person at at a time. Once it gets back to that person, they will get to share the uplifting words she heard!

Story Shift to Uplift!

Intention: To educate, demonstrate, and practice how to shift a challenging moment into an uplifting one.

What we will do:
Facilitator will give a scenario for 2-4 people to act out. The audience will raise their hand when they see something they can shift to uplift. Facilitator will choose audience members to tap out one of the actors and demonstrate how they can shift the story.

Let's G.U.T Weird!

Intention: To teach the importance of laughing at one's self as a way to let go of negative self-image, and uplift one's self through this special Girl Uplifters Team™ project!

What we will do:
We will engage in silly and weird activities that are meant to be enjoyable and vulnerable at the same time. We will teach about the healthy benefits of being able to laugh at one's self, versus getting stuck in the idea that one cannot make a mistake.

For those who want to, we will be taking pictures for our G.U.T Weird project!

Exercise & Motivation!

Intention: Reinforcing the components of Emotional Intelligence through exercise!

What we will do:
This activity is meant to get you moving and, at the same time, teach and reinforce the EQ components, including Motivation and Self-Confidence!

EQ it UP! Karaoke!

Intention: To feel Uplifted through expression and the voice!

What we will do:
Using our voice, we will reinforce the components of Emotional Intelligence with the intention of uplifting one's self and others through expression and release through the voice!

body awareness

Intention: To educate about body awareness - how to listen to our bodies.

What we will do:
This is a mindfulness exercise supporting children with recognizing what they feel in their bodies. It is also a way to show them how they self-regulate through their body.

Uplifting through W.I.S.H

Intention: To teach active listening skills and how a person can feel uplifted through listening and sharing.

What we will do:
Children will sit face to face and learn the steps of listening (W.I.S.H): Watch, be Interested, Say Back, Hug!

Listen & Share

Intention: To teach active listening skills and how a person can feel uplifted through listening and sharing.

What we will do:
In circles, we will rotate several times. Each time, Partner 1 will share a story or thought based on a topic given by the facilitator. After 1-2 minutes, Partner 2 will reflect back what they heard. Then they switch!

Uplifting Guided Imagery!

Intention: To feel uplifted through positive thinking and imagery.

What we will do:
They will be guided through various self, social and emotional  guided imageries, with the intention of uplifting and empowering one's self and others.

Stretching into Positivity

Intention: To educate about the basics of feeling centered and grounded through stretching and positivity.

What we will do:
As we stretch our bodies, we will incorporate positive thinking through uplifting thoughts - and reinforce the positive self through the breath and the body. This activity includes partner and group work.

Art & Acceptance

Intention: To teach that there are no mistakes.

What we will do:
Inspired by Barney Saltzberg's book, Beautiful Oops! this activity will focus on the concept of uplifting one's self when you make a mistake. It will also introduce the concept of trusting there are no mistakes, and we can always learn and grow into something beautiful!

Art & Community

Intention: Education about giving back to the community and creating a sense of Global Teamwork.

What we will do:
Attendees will work with teammates to complete an art project will be included in the G.U.T QUILT QUEST.

*Additional costs for materials to be provided.


All curriculum has been created, and is the intellectual property of  Aimee Clark and AZ GROWTH and The Growth Vigilante. Aimee is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist with a focus on Holistic Psychology. She has been in practice since 2002, taking special interest in Emotional Intelligence and self, social, and emotional wellness.


We at The Growth Vigilante are proud to be affiliated with The Great Uplifters Team Gives™ and The Girl Uplifters Team™. We will donate 20% of all income generated from EQ it UP! to them! Founded by Aimee Le Zakrewski Clark, and her daughters Maya & Olivia - the goal is to support children with uplifting themselves and others. Read on.


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