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The Study

The Benefits and Efficacy of Creating a Daily Practice in Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Self-Care and How that Practice Effects Stress, Trust, Conflict, and Intimacy in Individuals and Relationships


what it entails

33-Days of a simple daily regimen of Self-Awareness and Self-Care, for a total of about 10-12 minutes per day. In addition to the AM and PM regimen, there is a mid-day check in, a daily educational audio, and an evening guided imagery to settle you in for the night, totaling your daily commitments to about 20 minutes per day.

the hypothesis

By dedicating 20 minutes or so of your day to a daily emotional self-care regimen for 33 days, you will decrease stress and conflict and increase your emotional intelligence (EQ), intimacy, and trust in yourself and others.

key items!

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google drive

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daily audio

The EQ it UP!™ daily audio shares insight and knowledge that will support with increasing your Emotional Intelligence. This is optional but highly encouraged!


All participants should have access to all files.
If you don't, please email me right away at [email protected].

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Below are the physical, mental, and emotional tools you'll be using for the 33-Days.

the Breathing

We will use two primary tools: Stress Relief Breath (SRB) and Relaxation Breath (RB). The Relaxation Breath is a version of the balloon breath. It is widely used in many practices and allows you to take a deep, full breath. The SRB is proprietary to a non-profit I founded (that is now closed) called the No Stress Foundation. It is a powerful breath that supports the stress response. It engages the Sympathetic Nervous System (fight-flight-freeze) on the sharp inhale, and engages the Parasympathetic Nervous System (rest and digest) on the long exhale.

the tapping

DAYS 15-30 will add a tool I created called "TAP OUT/TAP IN" in combination with Bilateral Stimulation. This is an excellent description of tapping, bilateral stimulation, and resourcing.

the education

Each day will include a 2-3 minute EQ it UP!™ audio to build up your emotional intelligence. I will also provide them in .pdf form for those who prefer to read. These mini lessons are important as they add to your Emotional Intelligence and deepens the overall experience.

the daily close

Each day will close with an audio to settle your mind before you rest. It is my personal variation of Safe/Calm place originate in Francine Shapiro's EMDR theory. The goal is for you to practice and implement this tool whenever you need to ground into a sense of safety and comfort.


What is your experience?
I have been practicing holistic and MFT since 2002. I have seen over 12,000 hours of face to face clients. I completed all coursework for a PhD in Holistic Psychology with IUPS and have had a private practice using an integrated approach for over 17 years.

What is the goal of the research?
The goal is twofold: 1) To develop a self-care regimen, and 2) To determine if/when a person gets into a daily practice of self-care it increases his or her self-awareness and self-regulation, therefore allowing them to experience LESS stress and conflict and MORE trust and intimacy.

When does the study begin?
The study will begin once I get all of the participants. Goal: mid-August.

What is the time commitment?
Daily Expectations: You will complete a 33-Day Self-Care Regimen that will consist of breathing and a 2-3-minute daily audio on Emotional Intelligence. Each day the breathing exercises will take approximately five minutes in the morning and five minutes at night. There will be a short survey to complete via text or email at the end of each day.
Follow up: There will be a short weekly follow up survey for eight weeks following the completion of the 33-Day Self-Care Regimen.
Reinforcement: There will be reinforcement audios provided weekly in the form of a podcast for eight weeks following the completion of the 33-Day Self-Care Regimen.

Will this cost me anything? No.

Will I be compensated?
Participation is completely voluntary, therefore there is no monetary compensation.

What if I want to withdraw?
The goal is for you to complete the entire study. Your participation is voluntary, you may discontinue participation at any time.

Will I receive direct counseling?
No. This is not actual counseling. This is a self-directed study based on a daily self-care regimen I created. There will be therapeutic oriented tools and measurements used, but the overall goal is for you to be able to do everything independently.

Who do I contact with questions?
All questions are welcomed! Contact Aimee Clark: [email protected] or (760) 803-3600 (text).

Confidentiality: Any information that is obtained in connection with this study and that can be identified with you will remain confidential and will be disclosed only with your permission or as required by law.

Risks: I do not anticipate any risk to you participating in this study. Benefits: Due to the nature of the contents of the study the primary benefits are (1) learning simple tools that can be helpful in daily life and (2) complimentary guidance and consult whom is an expert in the field of Holistic Psychology and Marriage and Family Therapy.


This research proposal has been reviewed and approved by the Academic Committee of IUPS and it has been determined that this study meets the ethical obligations required by University policies.


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