COVID 19 REFRAME: How Big is Your Peace Wave?

“The whole is the greater sum of its parts.” ~ Aristotle
“A chain is as strong as its weakest link.” ~ Thomas Reid

In the time of COVID, and recent acts of racism and violence, there has been a lot of tension and sadness. There has been debate, opinions, and blame. Not just with those directly involved, but more so amongst those witness to these experiences: friends, associates, strangers, and family.

I am reminded of the importance of systemic balance. There are many different components that make a system have balance. For today, I’m going to focus on one thing: PEACE.

When we are at peace, we feel a sense of calmness and trust. When we are away from peace, we are on some spectrum of fear…and this fear creates conflict and chaos, internally and externally.

What if I told you that what you learned about peace from your early childhood is what is influencing your perspective of peace today? Would that seem logical? What if I told you that if those early childhood conflicts and stressful experiences have not been resolved, it will affect your daily mood? And your daily perspective of life?

What if I told you that the reason why that police officer did not remove his knee is because he was never taught about peace as a child? Or that the woman in Central Park reacted in a frantic and irrational way because her overall perspective of peace is weak? And the man who pressed record on her was doing it for fear of not having peace? Or that the reason why those men tracked down and killed an innocent human is because their parents never taught them as young boys about what it feels like to create peace, so they just live in fear and distrust?

OR, let’s make it more real – that the reason why you feel worried about the future more than the average person is because of the way challenges were handled when you were growing up? And that when you turn around and yell at your kids after having a frustrating phone call you are living out your current perspective of peace.

Rewind your life movie back to age 0. Your birth. What was your birth like? Was it smooth? Stressful? Now keep walking forward into time. What was happening ages 0-3? Ages 3-7?  What was your household like? Was there joy? Arguing? Worry? Keep going, keep moving forward down your timeline: Who was parenting you? Who were your biggest influences? What did you learn about peace during this time? When there wasn’t peace, what did you learn about creating peace? Did you learn directly – like have literal conversations about peace? Or was it more indirect – that peace was a constant goal in your home and life? Or…that there was no sense of peace at all?

Each of us currently has a perspective of peace. That peace is consistently playing out in our daily moments. And that peace is greatly influenced by what you saw when you watched your movie from birth to now. Those two quotes up there are a reminder that we each have an accountability within ourselves to create inner and outer peace. Each of us has energy that we spread outward…waves of energy…and I ask you:

How big is your Peace Wave? How consciously are you connected to your inner peace and what you spread outward? How conscious are you that your Peace Wave is pretty small and needs some healing, so you can make it big? If your Peace Wave is small, that means your Fear Wave is big.

I have always loved the messages of Mahatma Ghandi. Especially this quote, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” This can begin with making sure your perspective of peace is strong and steady. If the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and we are only as strong as our weakest link, then we each have to be responsible with the Peace Wave we put out into the world. Into each moment. The more we can create inner peace, the more we will be capable of helping another’s Peace Wave be stronger – and can help our overall system be stronger in peace.

I wonder what both the Coopers learned about peace as children. There has to be a story behind it. Wouldn’t it be incredibly healing for the two Coopers to sit down, process, share, and have a discussion as to what was happening inside of them during their experience at Central Park? And I don’t mean healing just between them – I mean for you, me, and our entire system as a whole. Their experience is a snapshot of the lack of peace within our core system…this is not a black thing, or a white thing, and man thing, or a woman thing – it is a WE thing.

You are always at choice as to what you put out into your home, community, and the world. And if you feel like you are not at choice, then get the support you need to feel like you are. Keep in mind – whatever is unresolved, gets projected outward. So, if you have some chaos or conflict that is disrupting your sense of peace, do something! And get yourself into a strong and steady peace perspective.

How big will your Peace Wave be today?