When I work with tweens and teens, my intention is to help them to build a strong foundation of who they are. My focus is on developing and increasing their Emotional Intelligence, specifically with Self-Awareness and Self-Care - two things that will help them with Self-Confidence and, overall, to thrive in life.

Owning Who They Are

I find my work with children and teens to be an ongoing exploration. As they explore their thoughts, feelings, needs, wants, goals, likes, dislikes, challenges, strengths they build a foundation of skills that will support them throughout all parts of life.



It is inside of all of us.

One of the most powerful components of Emotional Intelligence is Self-Awareness. When a child begins at a young age having a profound awareness of themselves, they build their confidence. They advocate for themselves.



We want to constantly create it.

The desire for joy and fun and play never ends, even when life makes it difficult. Part of our work is to always find out what brings PEACE and JOY to your child's heart...and to make sure that part of them is always given a voice.

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