We just completed our first ever class!

And it was AMAZING!
We actually had some tears that it was over. The peer and team-building was powerful, and we literally watched the kids increase their Emotional Intelligence right before our eyes!
Summer Camps Available for 2019!


Is to proactively plant the seeds of self-confidence and self-care for young kids at an early age - by supporting them with social and emotional wellness, and increasing Emotional Intelligence (EQ), specifically in areas that girls are typically challenged.


This is an 8-week after-school program supporting kids with uplifting themselves and others through self, social, and emotional wellness. Utilizing the EQ it UP!™ Curriculum, the intention is to support them with increasing their emotional intelligence through Education, Practice, Reinforcement, and Engagement, within themselves and among their peers...truly creating a Great Uplifters Team™.


Parent Pre-Workshop:
Overview of the curriculum & ways they can help reinforce and practice what their kids learn!
Week One: 
Being Part of a Team
Week Two: 
Understanding and Taking Care of Feelings & Needs
Week Three:
Understanding and Taking Care of Feelings & Needs
Week Four: 
Friendships & Relationships: Communication & Compassion
Week Five: 
Believing in Yourself
Week Six: Loving Yourself & Others
Week Seven: Accepting Yourself & Others
Week Eight: Creating Community & Group Close
*Each day waters the seed of Believing in Yourself*


Open with Girl Uplifters Team Chant and Sing the G.U.T Pledge
Review of the foundational concepts & methods
Stretching with Positive Values
Weekly education of a specific topic
Personal-Building Activity
Team-Building Activity
Sharing & discussion of that topic
Guided Imagery to give and receive Kindness
Close with G.U.T Team Chant, Handshake, and/or Hugs!

for young boys

We are currently in development for our first ever EQ it UP! ™ After School Workshop for young boys. The curriculum will focus on building upon their EQ that is typically challenging for males: self-awareness, self-regulation, empathy/compassion, and interpersonal skills.

Please contact us if you would like to be one of the first to implement one within your school or organization.

want a workshop? CONTACT US TODAY to eq it up!™

Email: az@azgrowth.com or Call: (760) 803-3600


We are continuously adding activities to support with uplifting one's self, and others. For this initial workshop, we will be trying different activities to see what works best for different age groups. Keep checking back! Click here to check the out!


Location: at your school
Dates: determined by school
Times: right after school for one hour


All of our facilitators have background in facilitation, counseling, and/or educational background and have completed the facilitator training specific to the curriculum.


In partnership with the Girl Uplifters Team™, we also offer customized gatherings for Elementary Schools, either solely for girls or mixed gender!

want to be a facilitator?

We will be hiring and training facilitators from San Diego to Los Angeles to begin implementing the EQ it UP! Uplifting School Workshop for the 2018-19 school year. The ideal candidate will:LOVE working with children, have experience with group facilitation, have an interest and passion for Emotional Intelligence (EQ), and/or have educational and/or counseling background and experience. Please email today if you are interested! We are hoping to do a training around the 3rd or 4th of August in the Carlsbad area.


All curriculum has been created, and is the intellectual property of  Aimee Clark and AZ GROWTH and The Growth Vigilante. Aimee is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist with a focus on Holistic Psychology. She has been in practice since 2002, taking special interest in Emotional Intelligence and self, social, and emotional wellness.


We at The Growth Vigilante are proud to be affiliated with The Great Uplifters Team Gives™ and The Girl Uplifters Team™. We will donate 10% of all income generated from EQ it UP!™ to them! Founded by Aimee Le Zakrewski Clark, and her daughters Maya & Olivia - the goal is to support children with uplifting themselves and others. Read on.


Free 20-minute consultation to determine the specific needs of your school or organization!